Chemours reports spill two days after DEQ notice of violation

Chemours reports spill two days after DEQ notice of violation
CFPUA provided a breakdown of the nearly $2 million in costs associated with GenX. (Source: WECT)

SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) - Chemours notified the NC Department of Environmental Quality of a wastewater spill nearly a week after the spill occurred.

According to a Chemours email sent Feb. 14, a trailer offloading wastewater at the company's Fayetteville Works site spilled 10 gallons of material that may have contained GenX onto the ground.

"The affected soil was immediately removed and placed into drums for disposal," the email read.

DEQ issued a notice of violation against Chemours on Feb. 12 ordering the company to take new measures to control additional sources of GenX and other perflourinated compounds from site contaminations and air emissions.

Chemours said it sent the Feb. 14 report "even though the incident did not result in the exceedance of any applicable reportable quantity, even though reporting is not required by any applicable permit or regulation, but in the interests of cooperation and transparency given DEQ's ongoing focus on the handling of HFPO Dimer Acid at the Fayetteville Works."

In another email sent to DEQ on Feb. 14, Chemours noted that data collected at its Outfall 002 showed a significant increase in the amount of GenX after rainfall. On Jan. 29, 2018, a GenX concentration of 950 parts per trillion was found following 1.2 inches of rainfall on Jan. 28.

DEQ said in the Feb. 12 notice that "there is a correlation between rain events and elevated levels of the chemical in water samples taken at that location."

On Feb. 1, GenX levels were at 410 ppt. The NC Department of Health and Human Services recommended health goal for GenX in drinking water is 140 ppt.

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