Local food conference takes over UNCW

Local food conference takes over UNCW

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Foodies from all across Wilmington met Friday for the 8th annual Local Food Conference presented by Feast Down East.

This event involved all those who are involved in supporting and growing the local food movement of southeastern North Carolina.

Everyone from farmers to politicians discussed ways to improve local food options and make healthier food more available to those who need it.

Sarah Daniels, executive director of Feast Down East, said the conference was about bringing everyone together to make the new Cape Fear Food Council stronger.

"What we are looking at is getting the healthiest source of food for our general community," said Daniels. "Meeting the needs for public health and well being. People need to have the ability to get healthy food in their homes, and live healthy lives because of it."

For more information on Feast Down East click here.

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