Get spring fever and help those in need

Get spring fever and help those in need

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The New Hanover County Arboretum will host a plant sale on Saturday to benefit their Ability Garden program.

The non-profit organization helps those with special needs by providing therapeutic gardening activities both on-site and through community outreach.

"They really get excited about the whole process, and they really take ownership," said Heather Kelejian, program director, "For some of them they aren't able to have that type of ownership. It is really great to see them get excited and share their enthusiasm with others."

Kelejian also added that the sale is a great way for folks to head outside and catch spring fever while also giving back.

"We are only scratching the surface right now of what we can actually do," she said. "Our plant sales are huge. It is unrestricted income that we can apply to staff. That is what we need is more staff, so that we can do more work."

Al Hight, extension director at the arboretum, said many plants could've sustained damage during the cold snap during January.

He warned people not to be to ambitious if they plan to get out and work early.

"It would be a great weekend for weed control," said Hight. "If you have broad leaf weeds coming in, catch them now before they get any larger. Some of the pruning, now is a good time for that, but a little early for other things."

Hight also added that the arboretum is there to help if people have any questions and are dying to get outside.

"It is human nature that we all get tired of being cooped up inside," he said. "You get tired of being cold and all of that. It has been cloudy and rainy. You see flowers coming out, and it is just a natural process."

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