Florists get ready for Valentine's Day rush

Florists get ready for Valentine's Day rush

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Florists across the area are prepped and ready or Wednesday's Valentine's Day rush.

Julia's Florist in Wilmington plans to send out over 1,000 arrangements of flowers and rented six extra trucks for the day.

"It is definitely a love hate thing and all of the staff feels the same way," said Jeff Cook, owner of Juila's. "We have a good time, and we work hard together, and then we have dinner. Then we work all night getting routes to go. We will be here late tonight and start early tomorrow morning."

According to a survey by Citi, chocolate and flowers are the two most wanted gifts on Valentines Day.

Cook said flowers are the ultimate sign to show someone you care.

"Now that I am a flower shop owner, I really appreciate the people that come in and buy the flowers," he said. "It is the act of giving. They're telling other people that they care about them in whatever way. The flowers are just the tool that they use."

Cook said it doesn't matter where you get your flowers, they should last longer this year.

"We have great weather this year, so it's not too cold or too hot. We deliver on valentines, but because of our volume we have to leave them. We can do that with the weather now, so just be careful about the temperature. Don't leave them in direct sunlight and keep an eye on the water."

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