My Turn: '24 HR. PD' shows lack of respect some have for police

I hope you've had a chance to catch at least part of Casey Roman's 4-part series with the Wilmington Police Department. For months, Casey followed officers on their beats at all times of the day and night to get a sense of what those who have sworn to protect our community face on a daily basis.

It is eye opening and there are some unsettling parts. One of the more disturbing things that stood out to me was the general lack of respect for our officers. It seems as if some people try to get as close to the edge as possible without crossing it and getting arrested. You have to wonder why. Does it give a person a thrill to mess with authority?

I understand some officers have crossed the line in this country and some of them are paying the price for that. But it doesn't mean you get to paint every law enforcement officer with that same brush.

Hopefully, some of these folks will watch Casey's series and see how foolish they look… and it just might convince others to not even think about going down that path.

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