New detox center already at capacity

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Wilmington Treatment Center's new detox center is already at capacity, but the official ribbon cutting isn't until Friday.

David Drum, Director of Business Development for WTC, said the state-of-the-art 48-bed unit center will be able to serve more people and is needed in today's opioid crisis.

"It seems like this is a new thing, but it actually has been around a long time," said Drum.  "The current crisis is getting everybody's attention because so many people have passed away, but it has been around a long time."

Drum added that WTC focuses on giving people the chance to start over and wants more people to know recovery is possible.

"It is not a moral issue, but it does take moral courage to face the need and to do the work and do the things that are necessary," he said. "Recovery is absolutely possible. We do not sell treatment here at Wilmington Treatment Center. We sell hope. The hope for recovery."

Erica Forsythe is a former addict who recovered at WTC in 2015. She hopes the new center will make more people realize addiction can happen to anyone.

"I worked for the government," said Forsythe. "I worked in a high class environment. People don't even like to admit that they smoke let alone a drinking problem or a drug problem. This kind of treatment and options help alleviate that stigma, which is why I am talking to you today."

Forsythe also said she thinks centers like WTC will help change the culture of punishment surrounding addiction.

"There are specific drug related crimes, and people need help," she said. "Our criminal justice system is set up to punish not to help. That is fine. That is what they are there for. That is why we have prosecutors in place, but we need places like this. Places like this actually help rehabilitate and get people back to our community versus ending up in jail."

The ribbon cutting starts at 2:00 p.m. with special guest Congressmen Rouzer and Mayor Saffo.

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