First time home-buyers jumping in on photo frenzy

First time home-buyers jumping in on photo frenzy

(NPN) - Photoshoots for engagements and weddings are nothing new.  But now, there's a new photo frenzy that's a speck more "homey."

First-time homebuyers Nathan and Morgan Funke posed for pictures in their new home with a professional photographer and all.

"We decided to stage a photo shoot for our first home because we wanted to just celebrate the experience," Nathan Funke said.

The move-in shoots are a trend, especially among millennials who now represent the largest group of homebuyers, with most of them taking the plunge for the first time.

"Millennials did start the trend," Realtor Nikita Todd said.  "But, I'll say that everyone jumped on board and it's definitely everyone for those people who are on social media."

Experts say social media is a driver.  A quick search of Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook and it was easy to find home buying photoshoots with couples snapping shots in the kitchen, kissing on the stairs-- or almost anywhere; and, of course, there is always the creative "key" shot.

While searching social media, Michael and Anyee Payne got ideas for their shoot.

"I was like. 'Oh, this is a really cool idea'", Anyee Payne said. "And so, I thought that that would be great for us to do."

After taking their professional pictures, the Paynes and daughter Avery decided to share them with the world.

"We just posted maybe one and then we started to get more likes, and then we started posting more and more shots," Anyee said.

While these photoshoots can create memories, Realtor Nikita Todd warns, don't reveal too much.

"You don't want everybody to know everything about you," Todd said. "Make sure there're no private things being shown in the pictures, you know, the flow of your house or in the master bedroom."

Photographer Paloma Ramsey also advises, before your photoshoot:  Spruce up your home, feel free to try props, be realistic, and make sure you have fun.

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