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Wilmington police to get 100 fresh doses of Narcan to replace expiring units

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The Wilmington City Council on Tuesday night unanimously approved buying 100 doses of Naloxone (Narcan) and nasal atomization devices that deliver the potentially lifesaving medication.

"The 100 doses that our city council approved last night will be used to help replace the inventory we have that's expiring," said Linda Thompson, a spokesperson with the Wilmington Police Department. "We have about 69 doses that are coming up for expiration and more that are right behind that."

Naloxone is used to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. 

In an emergency situation, someone can administer Narcan to save a person overdosing from death. 

The city will use $4,553 of state drug tax revenue for the purchase, and no taxpayer money will be used to buy the new units, Thompson said.

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said the new doses will replace 69 naloxone units that have expired, and what he called "a handful" of other units that are about to expire.

"We've got some [Narcan units] that expire in about 10 months. We've had some that needed to expire in four months.  So we keep accurate track of expiration, when we feel like we need an extra doseage or to order more, we order more," said Thompson.

The Wilmington Police Department has equipped their officers with Narcan for about three years, said Thompson.

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