Parents feel rushed as high school redistricting final decision nears for NHCS

Parents feel rushed as high school redistricting final decision nears for NHCS

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The clock is ticking and two weeks remain until the redistricting fate of about 700 high school students in New Hanover County will be decided.

"It's been very, very quick. Way too quick for anybody's comfort level," said Pepper Dedrick, whose son would have to change high schools in the current redistricting proposal, which is embedded below.

The New Hanover County Board of Education met Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Board of Education building to review the latest high school redistricting plan.

At the meeting, the board discussed the possibility of moving the final decision from February to March to allow parents affected by the latest draft of the map to speak at February's meeting.

"Most of these kids have really identified with their high school. It might be the biggest part of their identity," said Dedrick.

When the plan is approved, families will get a letter in the mail in late March with their high school student's school assignment effective fall 2018.

After Assistant Superintendent Eddie Anderson presented the latest draft proposal in the high school redistricting plan, parents stepped up to the podium to give their opinions about the redistricting process.

A few of the concerns raised included the perceived quick pace of the decision, the socioeconomic imbalance at high schools, and the emotional toll that changing high schools would have on kids.

Two options for redistricting were presented Tuesday, and the board asked Anderson to combine the two into a single option for the next redistricting meeting on Feb. 20.

The first option would move 46 students in Forest Hills and Glenn Meade neighborhoods from Hoggard back to New Hanover High School. It also would redistrict 21 students in the Village at Greenfield from Ashley to Hoggard. Lastly, it would move 27 students in the Tesla Park and Georgetown neighborhoods from Ashley to Hoggard.

The second option would include all changes in option one, plus move students in the Landfall neighborhood from Laney to New Hanover, and it would redistrict students in Wrightsville Ave. North from New Hanover to Hoggard.

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