My Turn: Winter Olympics can unite a divided country

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - No matter how divided the country is on politics or even Super Bowl picks, the one thing I think most of us can celebrate is widespread patriotism as our decorated athletes represent the United States in the Winter Olympic Games.

For the next couple weeks, we will be treated with incredible acts of athleticism and truly inspiring stories. For many of us, this will be appointment television.

A lot of these athletes work for years for this opportunity. They work hard just to get sponsorships to continue their quest for excellence. Each and every person on America's team is an example of hard work and perseverance. And this year, we can celebrate a local connection, which is rare to the Winter games.

Bobby Sanguinetti is part of the men's hockey team and he calls Wilmington home. So, as you watch our men and women compete on the world's largest stage, celebrate the fact that Wilmington is staking a bit of claim to Olympic excellence too.

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