CFPUA says labs now testing for two other compounds in water

CFPUA says labs now testing for two other compounds in water
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Water sample testing by the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority now includes two more compounds.

According to a Monday afternoon CFPUA update, the commercial labs testing water samples for unregulated compounds like GenX can now screen for Nafion byproducts 1 and 2.

In August 2017, Environmental Protection Agency scientists told the state they identified the byproducts in Chemours' waste stream near its Fayetteville Works site. That information prompted the NC Department of Environmental Quality to write Chemours, urging the company stop release of the two compounds.

The testing labs recently notified CFPUA of their ability to test for the byproducts using the test results of GenX, although the levels of the compounds must be estimated due to the lack of testing standards.

"We have integrated the compounds into our pilot test, and preliminary results show that the compounds were not detected post-treatment," CFPUA said in its update. "We will continue to release the results of the pilot test as we receive them."

CFPUA said preliminary reports show the compounds have been detected in water entering the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant. On Jan. 2, levels of Nafion byproduct 1 measured 0.836 parts per trillion and Nafion byproduct 2 was 8.59 ppt.

The state's health goal for GenX is 140 ppt, but CFPUA says the NC Department of Health and Human Services has not set a health advisory for the Nafion byproducts due to the lack of available health data on them.

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