Founder of Ocean Cure to be inducted into Hall of Distinction

Founder of Ocean Cure to be inducted into Hall of Distinction

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Kevin Murphy, the founder of the surf organization Ocean Cure, was recently informed that he is being inducted into his high school's Hall of Distinction for his efforts with Ocean Cure.

Murphy started Ocean Cure 10 years ago after volunteering with Surfer's Healing, a surf camp specifically for kids with autism.

He realized there was a need for people with all types of disabilities to have the opportunity to surf because of the benefits surfing offers them.

"We help people with disabilities get in the water, have a great, positive day, build some self esteem and hopefully leave with a better understanding of what they can really do," Murphy said. "And that maybe their disability is not so much a disability as it is, they've got a lot of abilities that they can use."

Among those being inducted into the Hall of Distinction alongside Murphy is a relative of Harriet Tubman, as well as a director of the CIA.

"To be honored with someone that is a relative to Harriet Tubman, that's a pretty huge honor," Murphy said. "One guy, he's a director of the CIA. So to see myself with those was pretty neat."

Growing up as a competitive swimmer, Murphy says he's not used to being recognized in this way. However he is extremely grateful and humbled.

"To be told that you're being honored for something that you do that you just love to do, was a little different," Murphy said. "So it was definitely a special moment. But it was very unexpected."

With this honor, Murphy just hopes that it will continue to spread the word and the message of what Ocean Cure is all about.

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