Guest My Turn: Rouzer's offshore drilling stance 'extremely disappointing'

Guest My Turn: Rouzer's offshore drilling stance 'extremely disappointing'
(Source: WECT)


The recent comment from Rep. David Rouzer's office regarding offshore drilling is extremely disappointing. Rep. Rouzer feels that as long as it's done out of sight and with great caution, our state will benefit. The Congressman appears to be uninformed about the myriad risks and consequences of offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling operations.

Drilling below the seabed brings up extremely high-salinity water that negatively affects nearby marine life.  A spill or leakage from an active well or crude oil transport operations would devastate the Pellagic Sargassum protected marine habitat as well as our state's fishing industry.  Our beaches and tourism industry would also be negatively impacted by the tar created when crude oil washes ashore.

The 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster is but one example of how human error can defeat the most cutting-edge offshore well safety technology.  Congressman Rouzer should keep in mind that putting imagined profits ahead of his constituents' well-being isn't going to help him or his party and certainly not the citizens of North Carolina.