Gas Guzzling Vehicles Still Popular

AUGUST 17, 2005 -- You might think shelling out more than two and a half bucks for a gallon of gas would make Wilmington drivers think twice before buying sports utility vehicles.

They are promoted as big, fun and powerful, but for the most part fuel inefficient. For example the Dodge Durango averages between 14 and 20 miles a gallon. Compare that with a Neon that gets almost twice as much.

Most SUV's require more trips to the pump, but that hasn't stopped people from buying them. Employees at D&E Dodge say the most popular vehicles driven off the lot are the gas guzzlers; the trucks, minivans and SUV's.

But some fare better than others. Here's the EPA's list ranking the most fuel efficient SUV's.

Coming in first is the Ford Escape Hybrid with 36 miles a gallon in town and 31 on the open road. Second is the Toyota Rav-4. Tied for third is the regular Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute.

Report by Ashley Hayes