Organizers Want to Shorten Myrtle Beach Bike Rally

AUGUST 17, 2005 -- Organizers of the Harley-Davidson bike rally in Myrtle Beach plan to shorten the May rally to three days.

Carolina Harley-Davidson Dealers Association President Gene Lummus says the group wants to reduce resident complaints. He says he will ask local governments to limit vendor permits to five days.

It's unclear what effect the change will have on the hundreds of thousands of bikers who have flocked to the Grand Strand for the ten day rally.

The association will sponsor three days of events at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. In the past, the association sponsored four days of events while other local businesses promoted a ten day rally for bikers.

Biker Jim Horton says he never visits the convention center or the dealership. He says he spends his time on Ocean Boulevard.

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