'24 Hr. PD'

24 Hr. PD reporter discusses creation of series

In all of our documentaries, we have introduced you to people and issues you may never have been exposed to otherwise. Our guide throughout each has always been our local officers and deputies. For them, these scenes are their "every day."

Day or night, what goes on in the city of Wilmington around the clock is far more than you can imagine. It takes quite a force to keep it all glued together.

24 Hr. PD will give you the best seat in town for an unflinching experience into what goes on in our area daily. We'll begin and end each of our four episodes near midnight, and take you through a roulette of daily events that will leave you feeling every emotion between disturbed and delighted.

Buckle up.

This is 24 Hr. PD.

Stream the full series Feb. 9 on WECT's Roku channel.  Don't have Roku? Episodes will be available on WECT.com and the WECT News App.