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Man punks police with fake car made of snow

(RNN) – There are snowmobiles and there are snow-mobiles.

Simon Laprise was out to prank snow plow crews in Montreal this week when he got the police instead.

Cities that get lots of snow often ban on-street parking to make it easier for snow removal crews to do their job.

With plenty of snow to work with, Laprise crafted a DeLorean, a lot like the one of “Back to the Future” fame, in about four hours.

With his “trap” set, Laprise waited for the plows to come, figuring they’d pause for the snowy replica. The police stopped by instead.

Not just one Montreal police car, but two.

Having a cold sense of humor, the police gave Laprise’s snow sculpture a ticket, a fake one. It reads, ““You made our night hahahahaha :)”

But snow crews got the final laugh. They destroyed the Snow-Lorean the next morning.

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