Teen Charged With Possessing Explosives

Teen Charged With Possessing Explosives

AUGUST 16, 2005 -- A Bladen County teenager is charged with setting off a grenade and causing damage to a farm office building.

The explosion happened at a house just off Highway 87 near Elizabethtown.

The Bladen County Sheriff's Office said Paul Skinner, 17, set off the grenade because he was angry with the homeowner's grandson.

After thoroughly searching Skinner's home, deputies found two pipe bombs. The Cumberland County bomb squad detonated the two pipe bombs.

Sheriff Steve Bunn said those bombs were designed to inflict injury. He says it's the first time in his 30 years in Bladen County that he's had to deal with a live bomb. Skinner is free from jail on $30,000 bond.

He will appear in court on Wednesday.

Reported by Samuel King