Officer Shooting Prompts Call for Change in Employee Benefits

Sgt. Michael Fey
Sgt. Michael Fey

AUGUST 16, 2005 -- In the wake of the shooting of a Wilmington police officer, the city council voted to look into ways to increase benefits for officers and other employees hurt on the job.

Sgt. Michael Fey was wounded in an exchange of gunfire last month as he tried to capture a fugitive. Fey is entitled to 21 days pay and most of his health expenses are covered by the city.

But worker's compensation covers two thirds of an employee's salary after that, and any expenses beyond that aren't covered.

"We need to take better care. Those families do not need to worry about where the next paycheck is going to come from," says Mayor Spence Broadhurst.

Over the weekend, a golf tournament raised money to help Sgt. Mike Fey and his family. Council members believe this shouldn't be necessary and agreed to assess the benefits squeeze for police officers injured in the line of duty.