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Guest My Turn: 'First in trash'

By: Ed Doherty

I’d like to talk about the embarrassing amount of trash along North Carolina’s highways.  The quantity of trash littering our roadsides is disgraceful.  

I live in Hampstead and frequently drive to Wilmington on Route 17.   

Roadside trash is everywhere along that route. It has gotten so bad that North Carolina’s motto may soon become “First in Flight and First in Trash.”

Roadside trash is badly tarnishing our State’s reputation, which can only have a negative impact on tourism and business development.  

Two actions would do much to correct the roadside trash problem. 

FIRST:  the Department of Transportation should post signs throughout our highway system warning of a substantial fine for littering.  Highway patrol police should aggressively identify and fine litterbugs; and SECONDLY:  Trash should not be allowed to remain on our roadsides for long periods of time.  Roadside trash should be cleaned up promptly.  

If you agree with me, please contact the Governor and your state representatives and tell them that you are horrified over the amount of trash on North Carolina’s roadsides and that you support my two suggestions. 

Without a groundswell of public outrage there is little chance that our roadside trash problem will go away.

Emailed comments from viewers:

I applaud the short statement tonight on the news.  It is so sad.  NC needs a bottle bill as well. You will never see a single container on the road side.  I have spent many volunteer hours cleaning roadsides over the years only to find that within a week it's trash filled again.  It really sets the tone for visitors who think we are a bunch of slobs.  Let's fix this problem through volunteerism and awareness.  The government ain't gonna help.  It takes a village of people to make things happen.   

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