Hotel opens doors to victims of Condo fire

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - A Facebook page has been set up to organize relief for victims of a fire Monday in Carolina Beach.

Numerous people and businesses have donated to help out, including the Savannah Inn, which has opened its doors for people displaced from the fire to stay as long as they need for free.

According to hotel owner Susan Riggs, four rooms are occupied with victims from the fire. She said living in such a tightknit community where everybody knows everybody, she didn't think twice about offering a place for them to stay.

"That's what this whole community is about and people take care of each other here," Riggs said. "We reach out. We open our doors. We provide meals. We donate. We create disaster relief funds, and that's what's so beautiful about this community. It's very giving. We take care of our own.

"These are my friends and neighbors. I know these people. I would hope that if I were in a situation where something like that happened to me that somebody else would reach out and help out so I'm happy to do it."

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