TRU Colors Brewing Company hosts Black & White party to address racial divide

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - TRU Colors Brewing Company is hosting an event in hopes of bringing the community together.

The business, which employs gang members, organized the Black & White party, which will be held on Jan. 18.

Our Ashlea Kosikowski detailed the plans for TRU Colors Brewing Company in two recent WECT News special reports.

Part 1: Rival gang members brew up plan to end violence and start business

The event invite on Eventbrite states, "Like most cities, Wilmington has a fairly strong racial divide. The odds are, if you're from the inner city, you don't have many white friends from other areas and vice versa. While it's easy to dislike what we don't know, have you ever wanted to gain a real understanding? You may find that the white woman from the beach is actually pretty cool or the black guy from east side can teach you a thing or two."

The event is the first of its kind for TRU Colors.

It will include speed dating style conversations for participants with people of all backgrounds.

Space was limited to 100 people; no more tickets are available.

The organizers hope to hold similar, larger events in Wilmington in the future.

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