Cold weather tips for handling winter storms

Cold weather tips for handling winter storms

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A winter storm is making its way into Southeastern North Carolina, a somewhat unfamiliar sight to this area.

Many do not have snow shovels, scrapers, or other means to deal with the snow, but everyday items can be useful when it comes to snow removal.

Cleaning off a car 

  • Put wipers up before the snow and sleet begin so they do not freeze to the windshield.
  • Use a gift card/plastic card to scrape ice off the windshield.
  • You can use a dustpan brush to sweep off light snow.
  • Be sure all snow is removed from your car before driving anywhere. Snow sliding off from the top of cars can be dangerous.

Cleaning off walkways, driveways

  • A household broom can be used to push away light snow from driveways, stairs, and walkways.
  • A leaf blower can be used to clear small paths of light, fluffy snow, only when temperatures are above 32 degrees.

What NOT to do

  • Do not pour hot water onto a windshield to try to defrost it. The water can shatter frozen glass.
  • Do not start a car unless snow is cleared from around the exhaust pipe.

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