Crews treat roads in preparation for winter weather

SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) - Crews with the North Carolina Department of Transportation have been out since Monday, pre-treating the roads in preparation for Wednesday's forecasted snow.

According to Gerard Taylor, assistant division maintenance engineer with the DOT, crews started monitoring Wednesday's forecast before Christmas.

He said crews dumped more than 75,000 gallons of brine on bridges, overpasses and roads in our area before Tuesday night.

Crews plan to be on call 24/7, ready to respond to whatever Mother Nature throws at us. Taylor said even though they're working to keep the roads accident-free, drivers should stay home if they don't have to be out.

"The cooperation from the public is always to drive safe," Taylor said. "If you don't really have to be on the road, stay with your family at the house and give those operators plenty of room, but also give yourself a lot of room and use caution. You want to return home safe and we want you to return home safe too, so drive with caution and give a lot of people a lot of extra room."

Drivers should be especially careful on bridges and overpasses if they are out, Taylor said.

Even though this area doesn't get that much snow usually, Taylor is asking people not to let their guards down.

"Historically, yes, the beach area doesn't get a whole lot of snow," he said. "However, with this one, any snow or any ice is always significant, and people need to drive with caution and provide plenty of room for those operators in those trucks."

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