Psychologist details how to keep new year's resolutions

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Dr. William Bennett, a psychologist in Wilmington, said people keeping new year's resolutions comes down to finding a way to make your goal fun and staying consistent with it.

According to Bennett, most people's new years resolutions don't work because they don't have a good plan for following through with their goals.

"It is a setup from the beginning to fail," he said.

Instead, he said people should make resolutions related to something that they're already familiar with so they can build upon that.

Dr. Bennett also recommended that people make resolutions on a public platform or in groups. He said people are more likely to follow through with things if they announce it publicly.

"If you have some social networking going on, you support each other. You build some accountability. You build some encouragement and it's a whole lot of fun to maybe have some healthy competition with things," he said.

He said another key to keeping resolutions is to graph progress, and to keep up with your goals.

People have to do something new for 21 to 28 days to form habits, according to Bennett. For this reason, he said it's important to build in short-term and long-term goals to your resolution.

"Keep it fun. Keep it enjoyable. It has to be consistent. If you're not consistent, you're sabotaging yourself," he said.

The most important thing to ensure your resolution sticks, he said, is your attitude.

"It's important that when you think of your goals you think in terms of the positive. It's a bad idea to think excessively or exclusively in terms of what can go wrong if you don't meet your goals because that's kind of a downer," he said.

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