Tips and tricks to winterize your car

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Chilly temperatures can leave your car vulnerable to problems unless you prepare in advance.

Kenneth Bird, general manager at Advance Auto Parts in Wilmington, said winterizing your car can save you time and money.

Drivers need to invest in proper wiper fluid. Bird explained people often mix water in with the fluid but it isn't efficient or safe.

"Chances are that might freeze on you so you have to make sure you have a decent windshield wiper solvent," Bird said. "When you are driving down the road and people are spitting things at your window you can get them clean."

Bird explained you should get a check-up before you go on any long trips and always pack emergency supplies in the car in case you break down in the middle of nowhere. There are also tricks to get your car up and running on cold winter mornings.

"In real cold temperature it's not a bad idea to turn your headlights on before you start your car it warms the battery up a little bit," Bird added. "Make sure your battery terminals are clean and the battery is in good shape."

People seem to be listening to Bird's advice. He said windshield wiper fluid has been the most popular items purchased this season.

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