Frigid temps didn't stop these people from taking the Dolphin Dip

SURF CITY, NC (WECT) - Frigid temperatures accompanied new year celebrations across the region, but that didn't stop a crowd of people from being motivated to dive into icy cold waters off the coast of Surf City for the annual Dolphin Dip.

The beach was crowded in Surf City Monday with people dressed up in various costumes hoping to win a prize for the best one.

But they weren't just there for the costume contest.

At noon, the horns sounded and everyone shrieked (whether it be from the cold or from delight) as they sprinted into the ocean to "wash away" the previous year. It appeared that most participants ran out of the water as quickly, if not more quickly than they ran in.

According to town officials, many dippers hung out in their cars with the heat running and came out at the last minute. Town officials say there seemed to be a dip in the number of spectators and participants.

Proceeds from t-shirt sales at the event will benefit Share the Table.

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