Memorial for Diver Lost at Sea

August 11, 2005-- Greg Mickey died doing something he loved.  He was scuba diving off the North Carolina coast.  Thursday his friends and family revealed their plans for a unique memorial.

One of the last times, Greg Mickey's family and friends met, it was to look for his body. They never found the Wilmington scuba diver, but now they are finding a way to give meaning to his passing. As they get together, they're making plans.  They join at Blue Water to raise money for a sea memorial.  It's a memorial that will cost $60,000.00 or more.  $60,000.00 to sink a vessel, likely a tug boat in Mickey's name.

Andy Illombre was the last one to see Mickey alive. Illombre narrowly escaped with his own life. He was rescued 30 miles off the coast of Bald Head Island after being separated during a spear fishing dive. Illombre says this memorial would warm his friend's heart.  Mickey's body was never found. Friends and family say this memorial means closure, and an environmental treasure

A website has been set up to accept donations for the reef. The site is

Although this is all in the planning stages, the determined group of friends is ready to move forward by creating a water memorial for the diver who loved the ocean and is still lost at sea.

Reported by Ashley Hayes