Neighbors meet with crime and prevention specialists about break ins

Neighbors meet with crime and prevention specialists about break ins

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Homeowners in the Windemere area of Wilmington met with crime and prevention specialists from the police department Sunday to talk about a recent rash of home and car break ins.

According to the statistics that the specialists presented, there have been seven more incidents in December compared to November.

The detective who spoke at the meeting said one person has been arrested in connection with break ins over the past month, and they are still investigating.

Neighbors said the goals of the meeting were to get tips about how to keep their homes safer, and to meet neighbors who they may not have known.

The detective recommended neighbors help each other out, and keep an eye on each other's homes when they go out of town. He said not to post on social media when you leave town, because that makes homes more of a target.

Many of them say they've bought security cameras for their homes.

The detective says they've stepped up patrols in the area. He said there is still a lot of property that hasn't been identified.

A man who lives in the area says he hopes his neighborhood becomes closer over this issue.

"The reason why I came to this meeting is to see what's going on how to help our neighbors be aware of what's going on so they'll know exactly what's going on so they can take care of other neighbors as well so we can be more of a community effort rather than just being neighbors but knowing each other and helping each other," Johnathan Rochelle said.

The detective urged the people at the meeting to report anything they think is suspicious.

The neighbors said they're also forming a neighborhood watch group, and already have a Facebook page to talk about the crime.

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