First at Four recipe: Chocolate truffles

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Give a perfectly tasty treat to your friends and neighbors this holiday.

Chef Gwen Gulliksen from Cape Fear Community College shares a recipe that's dear to her heart today on First at Four.

"This recipe is very special to me," Gulliksen explained, saying it came from a dear older friend when she was in grad school. "I worked in a boutique wine shop then and she would order wine for the Catholic church communion, I would deliver the wine then bring her the receipt (she lived across the street from the church). Every time I arrived she had a delicious spread out of her chocolate truffles, marzipan candies and coffee granita."

The woman would invite Gulliksen to sit and visit, as she told tales of fleeing Hungary during WWII over the snowy mountains with the family silver sewn in her velvet coat.

"These truffles were one of her favorite childhood candy memories and it is the absolute best recipe I've ever used - I've made thousands of truffles with this recipe, always in her honor," Gulliksen said. "She was a sweet candy friend! Cheers to Mrs. Somlyo's Truffles!"


(Makes about 12, depending upon whose scooping them)


Heavy Cream ¼ cup

Good Dark Chocolate 6 oz

Butter, Unsalted 1/4lb


1. Reduce cream by half in a sauce pan

2. Then stir in butter and chocolate until well incorporated

3. Put warm truffle mixture into a shallow container and chill until firm enough to scoop with a small scoop

4. Shape into 1" balls

5. Roll in cocoa, chopped nuts or sprinkles

6. Serve at room temperature

*The truffle mixture can be frozen for up to six months before use*

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