Seized Dachshund Settles in to New Home

AUGUST 10, 2005 -- A little dachshund has a new home and a new name. She's settling in and her very excitable owner is settling down after last week's wild adoption event.

News 6 broke the story when those dogs, cats and birds were seized from a Wilmington home.

Tammy Miller was one of the fortunate few that took home a dachshund four days ago.

More than a hundred of the dogs had been seized from the home of a Wilmington breeder. They usually cost hundreds of dollars and they are cute, so there was a long line of potential parents at animal control last week.

Since Tammy was awarded her female dachshund both have settled in. The dog was named Miss Piggy by its former owner. Tammy prefers Emily.

Once Emily arrived at her new home it was clear she had plenty of other four-legged companions, but it's also clear she's a momma's girl and a little shy as she figures out where she fits in with four other huskier dogs.

"That first day she kinda kept her tail tucked in, just had to get used to the new environment," says Miller.

Things continue to look up for Emily. She's just been given a clean bill of health.

"We went to the vet for the first time. She doesn't have heartworms, so she's in good health," says Miller.

And it's clear Emily has a bright and happy future with her new family.

The rest of the dachshunds are still being adopted out by the New Hanover County Animal Control.  As they are spayed and neutered, they're available for a new home.  For more information call animal control at 910-341-4197.

Reported by Sarah Warlick