Rain Floods Carolina Beach Neighborhood

AUGUST 10, 2005 -- The rain was so heavy Tuesday, it flooded a neighborhood in Carolina Beach, but News 6 has learned help is on the way.

Ronald Sutton has lived in his home on Carolina Sands Drive for ten years. He says every time it rains, the home floods and ruins his carpet.

The town sent a crew out Tuesday to pump the rain water out of his yard, but Sutton says that's not enough.

"I mean I spent tons and tons of money fixing my stuff down below and now I've got to turn around and fix it again. I just put carpet back down there three months ago. What good is a house if it floods every time it rains good?"

Town officials say they're spending $2-million to fix drainage in the Carolina Sands area and repair pot holes. Those repairs will begin in a few weeks.