School report card shows how county schools measure up

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A new report released by NC Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson shows how public schools measure up in 2017. According to the report, the majority of New Hanover County Schools were given Bs and Cs, and three schools received an F.

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Rick Holliday says the report is useful in letting parents know how their child's school is doing, and how they compare to other schools in the district. He said he does caution against relying only on the school's grade to tell them how they are doing.

"Because it really doesn't indicate much about student growth," Holliday said. "Students at a particular school may be growing, but if they're behind, and they don't meet a particular standard, then it reflects in the school's grade."

In a welcome letter, Johnson wrote that as a former teacher, he knows the report does not tell the full story of a school's performance.

"These facts and figures cannot voice the extra hours put in by your teachers preparing for class and grading assignments, the school spirit felt by families, the involvement in sports, arts, or other extra-curriculars that build character, and other crucial aspects of a school community," Johnson wrote.

Holliday said the school system as a whole is performing better than the state on average, and has for some time.

"We also match up well with other large school districts across the state of similar size. As far as the urban districts go, we are just behind Wake County," he said. "As a whole, New Hanover County Schools are doing well."

Holliday said the system also has individual plans for schools that need to improve.

"Usually, those schools we are also providing additional resources either through federal dollars or through additional local funds, which means additional personnel, or materials in those schools," Holliday said.

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