More than 100 musical instruments donated to NHC Schools

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Christmas came a little early for students at Roland-Grise Middle School. National Pawn donated over 100 musical instruments and $2,000 to bolster the county's public school music program.

New Hanover County Schools have experienced a shortage of instruments and funding for their performing arts programs for years.

The founder of National Pawn is using his business to help music education opportunities to kids around the state because he struggled to participate in his school's band as a kid due to financial restraints.

Bob Moulton, the president of National Pawn, said this program resonates with him on a personal level. He wanted to play an instrument at school when he was younger, but his family could not afford to rent one for him.

"So my mother is a great bargain shopper and she found me one for $15 at a yard sale," Moulton said. "National Pawn has been in business for 30 years and about eight years ago, I looked on the wall and saw we had all these instruments, and I realized that we have so many instruments that we could put them in the kids' hands and they would be in the same position me and my family were in."

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