Hoggard high school senior donates over 200 toys to children's hospital

Hoggard high school senior donates over 200 toys to children's hospital

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A Hoggard High School student has turned his senior project into a way to give back to the community.

Kellen Hanson has been collecting toys for the past two weeks for kids at the Betty Cameron Women's and Children's hospital at NHRMC.

Wednesday he took the toys to the hospital to be distributed to the kids just in time for the holiday season.

Hanson said he wanted to do this as his senior project because some of his relatives suffered from serious diseases when they were kids. He saw how it affected them and he wanted to find a way for kids at NHRMC to feel better during such a hard time.

"I just saw what the disease and afflictions did to them and how just actual the hospitalization through all this could affect them," Hanson said. "And I just wanted to find a way that I could make them feel better or help other children in the future not have to go through the same thing."

Hanson reached out to Andrew's Toy Box, a Wilmington based organization that aims is to be a source of comfort, love and support to sick children around the world.

Andrew's Toy Box delivers toys to kids at the children's hospital all year round so Hanson and the Andrew's Toy Box organizer, Mary Fimbel, decided that Hanson would donate the toys that he had collected from community members this time.

Hanson set up a donation box at his church and in just two short weeks he had collected over 200 toys.

Hanson said his goal with this project is to support children by any means necessary in any hardships that they have to go through.

"It's horrible that children at such a young age have to go through very difficult times and afflictions like this and have to be hospitalized and feel isolation and all these very mature feelings," Hanson said. "So just to give them toys and support, little things like that can help them feel so much better through what they're going through."

Although this was for his senior project, Hanson said he wants to continue to donating toys to children at the hospital for years to come. He also said he wants to continue to help out with Andrew's Toy Box.

"Their purpose and their cause is just amazing and I couldn't ask for more when Mary Fimble took me in and allowed me to run my graduation process through her," Hanson said. "So I'll keep volunteering and helping children out at the hospitals and doing whatever I can in the community to benefit."

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