Economic leaders look at regional scorecard

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce presented the 2017 Wilmington Regional Economic Scorecard to several business and community leaders on Wednesday.

The third annual report shows how Wilmington stacks up to several other comparable cities in categories like job growth, pay, and trade. It also looked at aspirational cities in which Wilmington wants to model future economic growth.

Wilmington exceeded the national average in several categories, but Natalie English, president of the Chamber of Commerce, said the city still has areas to improve on.

"Our average pay scale in our community isn't competitive with some of our peer cities and aspirational cities," said English. "We hope to attract jobs to our community that have to compete with other areas, so then our local pay will increase alongside that."

Leaders with the chamber stressed that the scorecard is not a marketing tool, but a way to start a conversation about what needs to change and what works well in Wilmington.

English hopes the tool will be used by everyone to make Wilmington better.

"This is not something the chamber can do alone," she said. "This is something that every one of us as citizens in the community, in this region need to get out and get engaged in. Figure out that thing you are most passionate about, and let us know how you want to make it happen, so that we can continue to grow our economy in ways that maintain what we all love about this place."

To learn more about the Chamber of Commerce and to view the full scorecard click here.

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