Couple delivers baby on side of highway

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - There's one thing newborn baby Kaleb Deanda of Brunswick County will be able to tell people for the rest of his life that many others can't say - He was born on the side of a highway.

On December 1, Katie Deanda was taking her son to school in the morning when she started having contractions.

Her husband was already at work so she called her sister, Lauren St George, to quickly take her to the hospital.

They had almost made it all the way there when Katie could feel the baby coming. They realized the baby had to be delivered right then and there on the side of highway 17 in Brunswick County.

Luckily, as fate would have it, Lauren is a nurse and knew exactly what to do.

"We knew we couldn't go any further so we stopped, she checked me, and when she did, the water broke, he was out and it was in less than two minutes," Katie said. "She just stepped into the role and took care of him. She checked his vital signs, she tied off his chord with a shoe string. She did an amazing job."

For all things considered Katie and Anthony said the delivery went very smoothly.

"If it wasn't for her, we would've been just one hot mess on the side of the road with a baby," Anthony said."She's a mother/baby nurse so she's used to dealing with newborns and she was very calm, cool, and collect in the situation."

Katie said the situation was fitting because throughout her entire pregnancy, Kaleb "had a mind of his own."

Anthony and Katie both agreed that if given the opportunity, they wouldn't have changed a thing with baby Kaleb's delivery.

Katie and Kaleb are both happy and healthy. Katie's sister Lauren said she had always wanted to deliver one of her sister's babies, but never knew it would happen like this!

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