Changes planned for dangerous Brunswick County intersection

(Source: WECT)
(Source: WECT)
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(Source: WECT)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - According to a spokesperson for NC DOT, an interchange is in the works at the intersection of Highway 74/76 and Maco Road in Brunswick County. Division Design Engineer David Leonard said Tuesday the project is part of the state's 10-year transportation plan.

On Monday, Donald Fortson was hit and killed when he attempted to make a left turn onto Maco Road.

Drivers in the area said that sadly, the crash didn't surprise them. Bill Harrison said he's lived in Brunswick County most of his life, and the problem has gotten worse with more growth in the area.

"The problem is being compounded by the local school down here, I think, during rush hour, evenings and mornings," Harrison said. "If you're not from this area, you don't expect there to be a stoplight."

According to an NC DOT report, there were more than 53 crashes at the intersection in the last five years, and 20 of them resulted in injuries.

"People making a left-hand turn will pull to the median and see the red light and think it's for them to stop and that just backs up the whole system," Harrison explained.

He said that while a stoplight installed several years ago helped some, he hoped that people would be more careful while driving through the area.

Leonard said that construction on the overpass won't start until 2027. He added that while the design of the project is funded, construction is not. He said that every two years projects scheduled in the second have of the 10-year plan are re-prioritized, which could alter the schedule.

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