Sister-in-law of Wilmington store owner banned from U.S. following Supreme Court ruling

Sister-in-law of Wilmington store owner banned from U.S. following Supreme Court ruling

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Mussa Agil, owner of Masonboro Country Store, says he is deeply troubled by the Supreme Court's ruling to uphold President Trump's travel ban because his sister-in-law will no longer be allowed in the country.

Agil's sister-in-law, Ghalia Muhammed, is a Syrian citizen who resides in Saudi Arabia on a work visa. Trump's travel ban restricts travelers from Chad, Iran, Lybia, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.

"Please, we are human beings in the beginning. We are not terrorists and we have family," Muhammed said. "America is a democratic country. We hope this will be canceled."

Muhammed planned to bring her family to the United States one day. She said Naidem, her son with Down syndrome, loves the country whenever they visit.

He has American citizenship but Muhammed feels her status as a Syrian citizen will hold her back even though she hasn't been to Syria in over a decade.

"(My children) cannot enter again into America because I cannot let them go to America alone. What will we do?" Muhammed asked. "If you put yourself in same situation, please, feel us and feel what we feel."

Muhammed's sister, Ahed, discussed the travel ban with her sister over Skype in her Wilmington home.

"This is making me more nervous and stressed because we don't know if we are going to see my family again," Ahed said, exasperated.

The Muhammeds will likely never separate completely, thanks to phone calls and Skype, but as the conversation over Skype wrapped up, Ahed expressed disappointment that her sister and nephew couldn't be in American by her side.

"Sad is so little for how I feel inside, cause this like the only family I have."

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