Athenian Press and Workshops amplifies female writers' reach

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Athenian Press and Workshops opened in Wilmington in October and in the two months since, it has earned nonprofit status, raised more than $30,000 through Kickstarter and received the support of more than 50 female writers in our area.

The co-founders of Athenian Press, Lori Wilson and Khalisa "Kelly" Williams, visited the WECT studio for Monday's First at Four to discuss the bookstore's mission of creating a safe space for women writers in Wilmington.

Williams said Athenian Press was also created to fill a void in the local bookstore scene.

"There isn't a place where you can go and find stories and books about women of color really, especially not written by women of color," said Williams, who is Athenian Press' creative director.

Athenian hopes to feature books written only by women and host female-driven shows like Femme Speak Out, which is part its Femme Series.

Click here to learn more about Athenian Press and Workshop.

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