DEQ: Chemours spill led to rise of GenX levels at water treatment facility

DEQ: Chemours spill led to rise of GenX levels at water treatment facility

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) - State officials said Monday that a dramatic spike in GenX levels at a water treatment facility last month can be attributed to an Oct. 6 spill from a manufacturing line at Chemours' Fayetteville facility.

According to a news release from the NC Department of Environmental Quality, on Oct. 9 -- three days after the Chemours spill -- the concentration of GenX at the Bladen Bluffs water treatment facility was 253 parts per trillion, nearly double the NC Department of Health and Human Services' health goal of 140 parts per trillion.

When the spill occurred on Oct. 6, the latest DEQ data showed GenX levels at the Chemours' wastewater discharge outfall -- which is not a source of drinking water -- was 213 parts per trillion.

By Oct. 9, that figure had climbed to 695 parts per trillion at the outfall.

On Nov. 16, DEQ cited Chemours, then moved to revoke the company's permit to discharge process wastewater because of the company's permit violations and its failure to report the Oct. 6 spill.

The spill came to light one month after it occurred when DEQ officials questioned Chemours about water quality results indicating elevated concentrations of GenX at Chemours' primary wastewater discharge outfall.

In the weeks prior to the Oct. 6 spill, DEQ's test results showed concentrations of GenX at the Bladen Bluffs facility consistently below the provisional health goal.

Preliminary state test results indicate that by mid-October, concentrations of GenX had again dropped below the health goal at Bladen Bluffs.

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