My turn: H2GO board can lead the way in change

My turn: H2GO board can lead the way in change

The entire greater Leland area should use this as an opportunity to study the possibility of a more regional approach to water service…or governance for that matter.

The H2GO board can lead the way in this charge.  The population is booming.  Businesses are moving in and the future is bright for Brunswick County. This area needs forward-thinking on how to handle all the expected growth in our area.

It didn't feel like it at the time, but it appears now…years later…the decision to create the Cape Fear Utility Authority turned out to be a good one.

And it can happen on the other side of the river too.  It may be a bit of a clunky process in the beginning, but years from now we might look back at this election as the one that turned the corner and put us on the path to success in northern Brunswick County.

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