Your turn: Let nonpoisonous snakes provide environment balance

Guest Your Turn by: Celenda James

My name is Celenda James. I am a lifelong resident of Wilmington. I am responding to the advice given by a gentleman from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission I saw on WECT News a few weeks ago about poisonous copperhead snakes that I feel are especially dangerous.

The gentleman said that he had never seen so many because of all the building going on, they are being run out of their habitat.  He said the snakes should not be killed because they are beneficial to the environment.

In my opinion, this creates a potentially dangerous situation. I believe the poisonous snakes that are run out should be killed because the remaining ones will provide enough balance for the environment.

Not long ago, I saw something on the news about a lady in another city being bitten by a copperhead while dining in a restaurant.

We don't need to become known as a place where poisonous snakebites are common.  It wouldn't be good for our tourism business and we certainly don't want to see a child die from being bitten.

Black Widow spiders aren't protected and copperhead snakes shouldn't be either.  Let the nonpoisonous snakes like the rat snakes and black snakes provide the balance for our environment.