Founder highlights vision for TRU Colors Brewing during talk at Cucalorus

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - George Taylor shared his vision for TRU Colors Brewing Company at his talk at the Cucalorus Festival on Thursday afternoon.

Taylor talked to a packed room at Cape Fear Community College as part of the Connect portion of the conference, which focuses on Wilmington's growing innovation economy.

Our Ashlea Kosikowski detailed the plans for TRU Colors Brewing Company in two recent WECT News special reports.

Part 1: Rival gang members brew up plan to end violence and start business

The concept has rival gang leaders working together to build a business in Wilmington that will hire more gang members.

The plan has the potential to decrease violence in Wilmington.

During his talk at Cucalorus, Taylor highlighted the reason many join gangs: brotherhood, loyalty and community. Taylor said he hopes TRU Colors will return the gangs to these core values. He also said it is a misconception that everyone in a gang commits crime. Taylor estimates that's only true of 25% of gang members.

TRU Colors has nine gang leaders currently on the team.

Cory Wrisborne, one of the first TRU Colors hires, said the goal is to hire about 100 more gang members. He said TRU Colors will start accepting applications later this month.

Wrisborne said applications will be available at

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