City Council approves buying 150 new tasers for WPD

City Council approves buying 150 new tasers for WPD
(Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Wilmington City Council members approved buying 150 new tasers during their meeting Wednesday night to better equip police officers on the streets. The purchase of the tasers, cartridges and accessories from Avon Enterprises will cost $241,617.50, and will be spread out over the next five years.

WPD Chief Ralph Evangelous told council members during Monday's agenda meeting that the department currently has about 100 tasers that aren't working or that have expired.

"This will replace those and leave a small pool of extra tasers to issue to every recruit that comes out of the academy," Evangelous said. "It will be part of their issued equipment from here on."

The contract with Avon Enterprises will lock the city in at a discounted price for the equipment, and spells out that if there is any upgrade to the taser equipment over the course of the five years, the company will provide the upgrades to the city at no additional cost.

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