Volunteers renovate veteran's home

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WECT) - Robert West is getting some home renovations done, and they were all donated.

West is a veteran who served 20 years in the Marines in Korea and Vietnam.

"I got my orders just like everyone else and when they said go, I went," West said.

West's local Marine Corps League in Hampstead, and the Home Depot Foundation, honored that service by teaming up to transform the veteran's home.

Joe Atkins is a member of West's league and sent West's name to the Home Depot Foundation, a program that renovates veterans' homes. Atkins said his parents are friends with West and his wife, and he wanted help West out with odd jobs around the house.

When those jobs became a little pricey, he contacted the Home Depot Foundation to help out.

"I would help another veteran out in a minute," Atkins said. "I mean, that's big to me, especially to all the Marines that gave a lot more than me during their tours."

"All veterans should be treated the way they treated us, willing to sacrifice life and limb to take care of us. We should be willing to do the same for them," John Fuller, the Home Depot Project captain, and a veteran, said.

West said he was shocked that his name was submitted for the project, and that he was chosen.

"I'll tell you, I couldn't thank them enough and each and every one of them a heartfelt thank you because I didn't expect what they're doing. It's really surprising," West said.

The project was funded through a $5,000 grant from the Home Depot Foundation. Group leaders said they have done about 10 projects in the area this year.

On Thursday, they will continue the build with more volunteers finishing up the deck renovations and the wheelchair ramp just in time for Veteran's Day.

The project also included installation of new appliances, interior painting and landscaping around the home.

West said he is eternally grateful.

"It makes me feel great. I don't really know how to thank them. I just want to say thank you to each and every one of them for taking their time and effort," he said.

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