H2GO board members discuss future of reverse osmosis plant

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Securing his seat by just 23 votes, Bill Beer will join the Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO board after running on a platform opposing the $30 million reverse osmosis plant.

Current board members Trudy Trombley and Jeff Gerken were not up for re-election, and both oppose the building of the plant. Beer could now join Trombley and Gerken in killing the project if approved by the board.

Trombley said Wednesday that construction on the plant will likely be stopped, and she hopes to get some of the money spent on land acquisition back. She said there hasn't been enough communication with Brunswick County, and she believes the project is too expensive.

"The cost that would be incurred by the customers are high. We have people that have difficulty paying bills and this would just add to that," Trombley said.

She added that if there was a need, there should be a countywide effort to filter water for customers.

"Filtration systems may be good. If it turns out to be reverse osmosis, then the cost is divided up between everyone, and so each individual party is liable, in a sense, for less money," Trombley said.

Gerken said he hoped members won't approve any additional funds before Beer is installed, knowing that the majority now plans to vote to kill the project.

"In fact, what we'd like to do is stop some of the existing spending and claw back some of that money," he said. "Try to maybe sell some of the equipment that they purchase, maybe just stop the spending before the contracts are completed and all paid for."

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