My turn: Discussing change to policy after some attacks but not others

I'm having trouble understanding how it's okay to cry for changes to existing policy during some terrorist attacks but not for others.

After someone opened fire on innocent people attending a country concert in Las Vegas, we were told it was too soon to discuss changes that could prevent such a massacre.  Now, after another horrific scene in Texas, it's considered disrespectful according to some to talk about prevention.

Yet, when someone who reportedly pledged allegiance to Isis mowed down victims in New York last week, there were immediate calls to change the way that man made it into the country.

I agree we should discuss that.  But what about Las Vegas and Texas?  We have to learn from these killings or we're bound to repeat them over and over again.

Now, I'm not naive enough to think this one commentary will make a difference or changing some laws will be the end-all solution.  But if we can't include gun laws in the discussions along with the other contributing factors like travel policy and mental health, then the NRA has way too much of a grip on our political process.

We need to say enough is enough to the politicians that can't put common sense reasoning and discussion ahead of the almighty dollar.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

While I agree that each side picks and chooses what they want to push each and every attack. However. I firmly believe that we have a mental health issue that is devastating to this nation. There are no changes to gun laws that will change anything for the better. And no matter what restrictions we put on people coming into the country legally will put a stop to violance. It only takes desire. Whether someone uses a gun a bomb a car a rental truck a knife or any other means guns don't kill people. But guns do defend people. If everyone carried then crime would reduce. It would not stop it.

However if we treat mental health issues better and really try to help people we can reduce these mass shootings and rental truck attacks. If you truly want to make a difference then go seek how hard it is to get mental help. It's almost impossible.


Amen to your position!
And thank you for speaking out on this issue. 
But, do you ever wonder if our " representatives" are listening to our issues, or spending their energy and time scheming about how to get reelected. 
Please keep up your commentaries on this important issue Again, thank you!


I fully agree with your comments on 'selective' disclosure/reporting.

In fact a few hours ago I posted a comment on our 'neighborhood' website in N Brunswick County. 
I was condemned & accused of 'trying to start something'. My Alert was bringing attention to the fact that  Leland property owner/taxpayers in Brunswick Forest were 'blocked out of voting for/against H2GO commissioners, even though we'll be paying for this project/boondoggle!

So much garbage that has not been disclosed!This is the twelfth location I lived in in 37 yrs of marriage. Previously, we lived in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco,  Phoenix, St Louis suburbs.

If you have a means of digging up the 'dirt' under the piles of manure being spewed, I'd like to bring my shovel to your field.


Your Turn makes too much sense!  An article in today's NYT compared gun ownership rates and mass killings world-wide.  Of course we're #1.  How did WE let it get to this point?  Shame on our leadership for not acting and on us for allowing them to continue in power.


The difference in the 3 attacks you mention is that in 2 of the 3 cases firearms were used illegally. My right to keep and bear arms as a law abiding American citizen is guaranteed by the US constitution and shall not be infringed because some criminal uses a tool to commit murder, which is illegal. The NRA is a member supported organization that helps to further guarantee that my rights are not infringed as though the constitution wasn't enough, It's sad that I have to pay a third party to defend me against my own government. The most recent shooting in texas can absolutely be traced back to us air force incompetence, laws make no difference when the system put in place fails. Furthermore, awarding visas to random people based on a lottery immigration system for the sole purpose of increasing diversity in America is an absurd broken system. The constitution doesn't guarantee Uzbeks or anyone else the right to freely come to this country and run people over. So yea let's vet immigrants, stop this broken lottery immigration system, focus on enforcing laws that are currently in place, and focus on solutions that would actually make a difference. Let's not continue to try to dismantle the framework of this great nation.


Thank you for speaking up about the need for gun control.  It is a needed conversation that people from the NRA work to silence every time another tragedy takes place.


Thank you for holding them partially accountable.  As a 69 year old, white woman, I am so horrified with the future my precious grandchildren will face, for so many reasons!  Gun control should be a given....why does anyone need weapons of mass destruction?  Why are people with mental health issues allowed to buy any weapons?  Why, why?


I am so proud of your common sense stance in tonight's WECT editorial. It's refreshing to hear a man of your standing make what is in today's world a courageous stand. Thank you.


Sure the liberals would rejoice to the hill tops if our government would make purchasing a gun for law abiding citizens as difficult as understanding the current tax laws, as that's what the liberals do best, placing there hypocritical foot across American citizens necks as we gasp for the air freedom. These are the same liberals that bawk and slander those of us that offer prayers for the families that are morning the death of their loved ones. There is a law in place that would have prevented the crazed maniac in the Texas shooting from purchasing a gun, but some paper shuffler didn't do their job. So, please stop blaming the NRA, who is the organization that fights for our 2nd amendment! I believe much could be gained by bringing back public executions for those that have been proven 100% guilty of murder. It would bring satisfaction, justice and a warning to all who choose take an innocent life.


I am in total agreement with your editorial comment last evening,
11/7/17.   NOW is the time to do something about the senseless string
of mass murders in Las Vegas and Texas.   Semi-automatic weapons and
bump stocks MUST be taken off the market.    There is no sane reason
they should be available to anybody outside the military and law enforcement special operations such as S.W.A.T. teams.

To me, the answer resides in the 2nd amendment and when it was written, in 1791.

"The Second Amendment reads as follows: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

It has been argued that this does not apply to individuals who are not
a part of a well regulated militia, but I reject this argument.   I
think all citizens should be allowed to bear arms – 1791 style.




Unfortunately, you are way off base covering gun laws. All the gun laws we need are currently on the books, but not followed. Courts are putting felons  right back out on the streets after shootings, i.e. Chicago with the strictest gun laws and the highest gun crime in the nation.
Felons are not going to pay attention to any laws no matter how many there are.
Devin Kelly had shown signs of severe mental instability for many years with nobody taking action against his wacky ways including the Air Force.
Thank God for the responsible gun owners who stopped him!
We need to fix the moral decay in this country then we wouldn't have these issues.


Thank you for your excellent comments on the needed discussion regarding our gun laws being controlled by money generated by the NRA.


When will liberals learn that criminals care nothing about laws?  If you impose more gun laws not only are you infringing on my constitutional right, you are enabling more crime to be committed.   The stiffest gun laws in our nation are in Chicago.  How has that worked out?  Whether it is a plain, a rental truck, or a gun, you can't stop a crazy person from being crazy!


I think you need to get out more we need to stop the drugs that kills more than guns plus think of the people that needs that next fix what do you think they would do to get it what they have to do .and how about drunks drivers on the streets there's lots more problems out there than guns. And MERRY CHRISTMAS


I am a hunter and gun collector if you look at the city's with tuff gun control the murder rates are extremely high the problem is not with guns it is the lack of respect and God you don't need a gun to kill if you take away guns ban Automobiles to stop dui deaths ban all drugs to keep people from getting addicted and so forth