Woman struggling to pay off nearly $200,000 in student loans

Woman struggling to pay off nearly $200,000 in student loans

WILMINGTON, NC (FOX WILMINGTON) - Many experts say the problem has grown to a full-fledged crisis: people with such staggering student loan debt they have defaulted on their loans and have no clear path to pay them off.

Fox Wilmington interviewed a woman who got degrees from three local colleges and universities and is now struggling to pay off nearly $200,000 in student loan debt on her $38,000 salary.

Adding insult to injury, the job she has and loves is in a field unrelated to any of the degrees she spent so much to obtain.

"I sometimes wonder, Wow, did I really waste all this money, when sometimes, just off the street, hands-on working experience might have prepared me?'" Dianne Phillips said when explaining her dilemma.

Coming up Wednesday on Fox Wilmington News at 10, we'll tell you her story, and have expert advice on avoiding some of the most common pitfalls when taking out student loans.

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