Your turn: Should the organization continue down the path of building a Reverse Osmosis plant for its customers?

Elections ultimately come down to issues.  And in northeast Brunswick County – the race for the local water board – H2GO – comes down to one issue: should the organization continue down the path of building a Reverse Osmosis plant for its customers?

There is a slate of three candidates running on both sides of the issue.  We have invited both groups to have a representative state their case. Brayton Willis will be the spokesperson for the group against the plant; Rodney McCoy will speak on behalf of those in favor of the plant.

By virtue of a coin flip, we have determined the order and the first slate to get their turn is the group against building the plant.

Anti Reverse Osmosis Plant Slate

Nobody wants contaminated water and something needs to be done about it.

With our combined 115 years' experience in water treatment, engineering and public health, we believe the current situation is also drastically overblown, mostly by H2GO.

We see H2GO putting vulnerable households at greater financial risk with their outrageous and ballooning R-O cost estimate.

There are more cost-effective alternatives being tested right now by our regional experts and these options won't dump radioactive contamination into

Brunswick river's prime flounder nursery like H2GO's R-O plant will.

It makes far more sense for our water supply to be a regional effort, ensuring that not one dime of cleaning up Chemours pollution falls on the backs of our rate payers.

Please vote for Bill Beer, Brayton Willis and Donald Yousey.

Pro Reverse Osmosis Plant Slate

With our new groundwater plant, H2GO will avoid GenX, and other harmful contaminants coming from the Cape Fear River.

Our opponents think we should all wait for a regional solution.

But that work hasn't started.  And it may never start.

That's why the StarNews supports building H2GO's plant.

The financial firm Brunswick County also uses said our plant will not need a rate increase or an assessment for this plant.

And our customers' property values will be maintained, or go up.

Independent experts say the plant will not harm the environment, and that the water will be clean, safe, and contaminant free.

That's why the State approved the plant.

It's time to finish H2GO's water plant.  Ronnie Jenkins, Carl Antos, and I, Rodney McCoy, ask for your vote.